Adele King

Being outdoors is the thread that has consistently run through my personal life and work choices. Since being a teenager myself I have been active as a participant in expeditions, challenges and adventures, taking leadership and logistic roles as my skills and knowledge grew from these experiences.
I have become qualified in several outdoor disciplines, both on water and land, allowing me to design programs that stretch an individual, challenge a group and deliver opportunities to develop skills that can be transferred and used in other life settings.

For over 10 years my focus has been working with youth and young adults at risk, working at a national youth charity to engage, challenge behaviours and support change to achieve personal goals. My Forest School training came about when we had our two children and my interest broadened to include early years child development and using a natural setting to allow the exploration of ideas and understanding. I've watched my boys creatively solve problems, often with knowledge found from working on a miniscule scale in our front yard, or at a water source (be it a puddle or the ocean) and communicate their great pleasure at their achievements.

Beyond work I volunteer at our local Woodcraft group, grow produce on our allotments, bivy out in the woods with the boys, bake pizzas, bread and stews in our home made cob oven and wait for some free time to sit in solitude in the mountains with only a Raven for company.

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