Christ Church Pellon

Autumn term 2016, has been a lovely time of year to again welcome back the pupils of Christ Church Pellon.
This project had the added layer of outcomes above and beyond PE outomes to include specific heritage learning and the involvement of Chris the archaeologist has been fab. The children have loved the artifacts he has brought along with him to add to and support the work done with the Forest School leaders. Making their own charcoal and modelling with naturally sourced clay amongst the many activites that have captured their imaginations.
The work in 2016/17 is a result of the pilots run in 2015/16 with reception.
We have built on these sound steps towards great holistic learning for chidlren with year 3,5,1 and 2 basing all our projects around physical development and getting active in the outdoors.
We are loving the energy and explorations that the children bring to our ermanent site in Hebden Bridge - the Brick Shack.

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