Cross Lane Primary School

Since Easter 2015 we have been developing a long term project with this beautiful little school in Elland who are lucky enough to have their very own woodland! We have delivered 2 staff training events with 2 more planned in the spring and summer terms. We are also working with the families and governors of the school at termly Saturday sessions where in some cases 3 generations of the same family have come out to investigate the woods!!

Since the begginning of the project the woods at Cross Lane have come alive to the sound of children, and beautiful paths of desire have been made as the children decide where in the woods they want to go.
The project has clear aims and apply right across all of KS1 and KS2. They are:

1. Provide stimulating and inspiring experience on which to base pieces of writing
2. Increase self-awareness and self-confidence
3. Promote a positive attitude towards learning
4. Develop co-operative working skills and an awareness of others
5. Develop a sense of ownership and pride in the local environment

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