Ferney Lee Primary School

So over the years we have developed a great working relationship with this very friendly and forward thinking school.
In particular at the mometn we are working with the Foxes and Squirrels classes, learning about habitats - at the moment we are mostly working on what we need to wear in order to keep warm and dry in our habitat as humans before we move on to the animals and creatures of the woods, little steps.
We will be working the staff team as a whole in May when everyone has a forest school day out, as one of the school closure days - it might have stopped raining by then!
Recently we have been able to make best use of the Give and Gain week which many businesses use as a way to support their local communities and this May again a team of around 25 volunteers will be getting busy in Todmorden. If you want to join in too then get in touch, there is always room for more.
We now work with the staff to deliver sessions every fortnight over the winter and weekly between February and October half term, in the wild garden which belongs to the school. And as the exciting plans for a new school emerge we will keep working hard to ensure the longevitiy of Forest school for the children of Ferney Lee.


In the summer term of 2013 we began another great piece of work with the totally lovely class 5. We were focussing on team work and survival skills so we learnt how to light a fire without using any matches, how t build shelters, how to tie knots and of course how to swing in a tree - an essential life skill!!

We than invited all the parents and governors to a feast where the children coked elderflower fritters and showed off all their knowledge and expertise outside in the real world.


2011 - 2012 project: The children created this site from an area of total overgrown nettles and brambles. They carried the logs together working skilfully as a team, they cut paths through to the swamp so that adventures could take place; they trusted and were trusted to be near a fire so that we could cook and make all the governors, the councillors and the nice lady from Incredible Edible welcome at our Forest School Feast.

In the 6 weeks of this project the children have been amazing, swinging on rope swings, tying up hammocks, climbing trees, making maps, digging, telling stories and singing. The have drawn on the trees using charcoal they made themselves and they have run, jumped, shouted and whooped with delight.There are more plans afoot with this lovely school and its fantastic children so watch this spaceā€¦

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