Hebden Royd CofE (VA)

Last year we worked with Year 6 Reception and Nursery to develop the children's physicality and creativity using a private woodland very close to their school. The children became settled and happy over the projects in the woods and they made some fantastic discoveries!
As it was so good we thought that we'd do it all again this year. The school is making best use of its PE premium monies to offer something different to the nrmal for it children adn they are really lovinging it.
Our fantastic Emma is leading the project along with our lovely volunteer Connor - (rope swing expert). Here is what they have to say...
"The Nursery and Reception children from Hebden Royd CE Primary School are in the midst of enjoying Monday morning Forest School sessions in beautiful Rawtonstall woods. With a focus on Physical Development and taking risks safely, each week has been a hive of activity. This week, the children collected twigs, moss, ferns and leaves to create mini-dens for woodland creatures, from ants and worms to moles and rabbits. One amazing construction even had a little rope swing attached for the lucky inhabitant. As always, the muddy bog has been a big hit with lots of learning and chat going on around possible depth and sucking power of the sinking mud. Bright, wintery mornings have given the children lots of opportunities to explore holes in logs, relax singing in the hammock, climb trees (and pretend to be gorillas) and get busy with spades and ropes. So much to see and do … and plenty of time to do it."
Characteristics of effective learning all over the place!!

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