Holy Trinity Primary School, Halifax

Our work with Holy Trinity ran from 2011- 2013, and from there we supported them to develop their own green wild space within their school grounds.

Project 2012-2013: So Class 3 and Class 4 have been out and about in the woods and our aims for this project are
1. For the children to develop their problem solving and perseverance skills CLLD and PSED.
2. For the staff to develop their awareness of the outdoor environment in teaching and learning.
3. For all to develop awareness of the wild woodland spaces near in their locality.

We started our project together on St.George;s day so quite naturally Class 3 have been using masses of different skills to tempt only the nice dragons back into the woods - runways, food, nests, climbing frames, letters, welcoming smiling tree faces and pictures have all been created and we think any day now their persistence and patience will be rewarded...

Every week the children find new things in the woods and now the bluebells and trees are bursting out all over making the learning space change as the season of Spring arrives ( we hope!)

Class 4 have been chomping at the bit to get out here and have a little of what class three have been having. Unfortunately trolls have been in the woods and what's worse - they have colds! Bogeys, troll bogeys everywhere what are we to do? Well as it turns out class 4 are as good at brilliant ideas as class 3 so we had no end of fun.

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