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Forest School projects are for all children; are child led within a comprehensive outcomes based overarching plan to scaffold and engage the children in their own learning and investigations. Forest School is of benefit to children in Primary, Secondary, Early Years, Mainstream/ Special, Pupil Referral Units, Private day nurseries, Children’s Centres.

Forest School projects offer learning from a different direction; encouraging children's communication, personal social, emotional and physical development in new ways.

Creativity is at the heart of Tinderwood’s Forest School projects. We aim to equip and enable our children to think around real issues and dilemmas in a real world context. This places them in a strong position to develop strategies and resolve to navigate all that life throws at them - both as children and as transferable skills moving into teenage and adult years.

When and where?

Our projects take place all year round with 6 sessions minimum per project. Part of our ethos is to engage children with the green spaces around them. We use suitable woodland near to your school, or woodland that is part of your school grounds, or one of our larger sites. The children then develop a stewardship role for these areas and having a raised awareness of them will act to protect and look after woodland spaces.

The woodland sites we use are fully insured, benefit /risk assessed, and resourced for the age and stage of the group coming.

How much?

The cost of a 6 week project including insurance, site and activity risk assessments, planning, formative and summaive assessment and evaluations, qualified staff with enhanced DBS and current safegaurding qualifications, snacks and all equipment is £1200.

For longer term working relationships we are open to negotiations!

What happens at each session?

A Forest School session lasts 2 hours, excluding any travel time. The sessions have a rhythm and a pattern to them which the children get to be familiar with.

We play trust-buiding and group games, create and build, learn respect for and how to use fire and tools safely, tell stories and swing in the trees, forage wild food and cook on the fire, get creative with natural materials, climb, dig, and so much more. We follow the childrens' interests whether they are 3 and 4 or 17 years old!

A group size can be around 20 children, with school ensuring good ratios with attending adults are in place – 1:5 minimum recommended.

Children and adults attending will need to have weather appropriate clothing and footwear, and where we can help we will.

If you would like to start adding some sparkle to your school's learning offering then please do get in touch.

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